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As of now, Extensify does not require a computer to be used.
As of now, unlinking a device from your account is not possible.
Apps that have been modified with tweaks —called Exos in Extensify language— contain a ‘+’ sign after them for easy identification. So, for instance, if you modify YouTube with the Cercube Exo, the YouTube app will be deployed to your Homescreen with an icon called YouTube+. It’s not possible to have two of the same apps installed at once—one.
If Extensify app is crashing, Visit install page using Safari on your iOS device and login with your account to reinstall Extensify. If Exos are crashing, open the Extensify app and go to My Exos section and rebuild/reinstall your exos.
Any iOS version starting from iOS 8.0 is compatible with Extensify. We do not guarantee compatibility with iOS betas.
Extensify is designed to work on iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone.
Because of Apple restrictions, push notifications currently do not work with tweaked applications.
A tweak on Extensify is called an 'exo'.
Although most of our exos' catalog is free to download, it's up to the developer whether he wants to release his exo as a free/commercial pacakage.
Once you buy a license to use the exo, you'll be able to use it for lifetime on all the devices that are linked to your Extensify account .
Extensify has a great catalog of tweaks for some of the top apps that are available on the AppStore.
Once you install the app using Extensify, you won't be able to update it through the AppStore. Instead, to make sure it'll stay compatible with the exo version you're running, you'll be able to update it using the Extensify app when an update is available and is compatible with the exos installed.